We strive for constant improvement and the consistent development of services that provide the client with a comprehensive offer in one place. 

The complete range of services is provided with orders of process systems, while engineering, servicing and automation are available individually too.

Project management
The organisation, management and supervision of the project, especially its time and expense frameworks, are in the hands of a team of experienced project managers.

We are aware that the successful implementation depends on continuous planning and checking of individual stages. In the initial stages we always precisely define the course of the project, and then supervise and coordinate it regularly; upon completion it is assessed in terms of quantity and quality.

Top-notch engineering is know-how based on decades of practical work.

An experienced and large engineering team manages processes in life science industries.

  • The spectrum of our engineering services includes the designing of custom solutions for very demanding markets and extreme flexibility and adaptability at all stages:
  • basic – conceptual engineering,
  • detail engineering,
  • implementation engineering. 

The products are designed and produced in line with the requirements for factory production control following these standards:

  • EN ISO 3834-2
  • EN 1090-1
  • EN 12732 (A through D)
  • ASME Section VIII, Division 1
  • ASME BPE 2000
  • EN 1090-1
  • AWS D 18.1 and AWS D 18.2
Research and development
Our mission is to make it easier for our clients to face the challenges that arise when developing systems for industrial processes.

We have been gathering experience in carrying out test activities for the research and development of marketable products for over thirty years. The extensive knowledge, thousands of successfully completed projects for unique process systems, dozens of successfully completed internal R&D projects and more than 100 highly experienced experts enable successful research and development in the fields of pharmacy, bio-pharmacy, chemistry and the food industry.

We provide customers the development of new production equipment and technologies, including the development of new processes and research training. We are focused on creative, innovative and far-reaching solutions and maintaining the highest safety of intellectual property.

Production and installation
State-of-the-art machines and excellent handicraft enable us to build and install complex process systems, skids and equipment.

Our own Brinox workshop allows for the utmost flexibility and adaptability to the continuous market requirements and standards. The equipment and machines we use ensure the highest quality of production while following these standards: 

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ASME chapter 8 for pressure vessel welding
  • AD 2000-Merkblat HPO/EN 13445 - 4 / and EN ISO 3884-2 for welding of pressure equipment
  • PED 2014/68/EU, in line with the PED-Directive for pressure vessels, reactors and heat exchangers

The team of highly qualified installers and contracting engineers carries out professional assembly of process systems and units on a global level, whether manufactured in Brinox or produced by other independent manufacturers.

Brinox’ welders are certified for manual, orbital and robotic welding of all types of stainless steels from the group 8 (8.1 and 8.2) and nickel alloys W34. 

You control the process.

In close cooperation with the customer, our Automation Department provides a complete solution according to the requirements of the process:

  • design of software and hardware (HDS, SDS),
  • production of a functional specification (FDS) based on our technological know-how and experience,
  • programming and configuration,
  • documentation,
  • extensive testing of the equipment at Brinox (FAT),
  • start-up of the system on-site,
  • IQ & OQ qualifications (SAT),
  • system maintenance and change control.
On-site installation
A part of the comprehensive offer of our solutions is the perfectly organised on-site installation without faults or delays.

Brinox provides the following installation activities:

  • mounting and installation of devices for production, storage and distribution of media,
  • integration and connection of individual skids.

These are key phases of work that require careful planning, precise guidance and coordination with the work of the customer or other providers.

As an innovative company we offer a comprehensive approach to maintenance for our clients.

Our wide spectrum of know-how, innovation, flexibility and reliability strengthens the satisfaction of our clients.

We offer these standard maintenance services to our clients:

  • preventive checkups,
  • preventive maintenance,
  • corrective maintenance,
  • upgrades of equipment and processes,
  • spare parts.
We provide our customers a first-class experience by choosing our equipment.

We offer comprehensive training, which includes:

  • control of mechanical and electrical installations of equipment,
  • testing of mechanical and electrical equipment,
  • testing and commissioning of the system,
  • teaching and training personnel to manage the system,
  • consulting.

Each training course is adapted to the needs of the individual company, with its main goals and advantages being:

  • the optimal use and efficiency of the equipment,
  • efficient and trained staff,
  • achieving the best results.
Na podlagi več kot 25 letnih izkušenj ter sodelovanja z renomiranimi proizvajalci, vam nudimo cenovno in energijsko učinkovito zasnovane črpalne sisteme, tesnila in tesnilne sisteme, ter ostale izdelke za vzdrževanje in posodobitev vaše procesne opreme.

CHESTERTON je proizvajalec tesnil ter sistemov za dinamično in statično tesnjenje. Nudi pa tudi industrijska maziva ter ARC zaščitne premaze

BLACKMER je vodilni svetovni proizvajalci pnevmatsko gnanih membranskih črpalk, volumetričnih črpalk, centrifugalnih črpalk ter kompresorjev za transfer tekočin in plinov.

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